UPDATE: work place for veterans

10 Aug

Update.August 5, 2012. Upstate Central New York.


One phone call changed our focus. This property is more than just a patch of soil. It’s fertile ground in the Fenner Road farmswath of Cazenovia NY. (Madison County).The 18- acre property fits our

mission, goals and Programs.  For over 200 hundred years this shingled farmhouse, strong, sturdy, warm and welcoming, has sheltered and hosted meals for family, hired hands, friends, and guests.  It’s a gem!

The farmstead has two barns, hennery, tillable vegetable plots, and a

(beach-sand) volleyball court in addition to the 5-bedroom guesthouse.

We’ll apply to the town’s Planning Board for a Special Use Permit for

the bed and breakfast; then with all the necessary documents in hand we’ll launch Advantage US Vets, Inc. (PNP).

 Our New York State incorporation process is underway; and, the IRS 501(c) (3) Tax Exemption application is in the works.

A WorkPlace for Our Veterans

 Advantage US Vets hires unemployed veterans returned home from overseas duty. Their workplace is an Upstate Central New York farmstead where they learn job producing skills and skill producing jobs. They gain knowledge, experience and connections. They farm organically nurtured vegetables, berries, flowers, herbs, chickens

and honeybees and host travelers (bed and breakfast format) in a comfortable  guesthouse. They shelter retired horses and several abandoned dogs and cats.

 The farmstead is a beautiful, quiet, safe, rural community where veterans can live their daily lives moving into a “new normal” with new practices, activities, and relationships.

 Advantage US Vets recognizes, respects, and rewards our veterans for

their service to our Country and to the citizens of our democracy.

“They served us, it our turn to serve them.”  It starts with all of us giving our financial support so veterans have an opportunity to work.

Central New York. July2, 2012

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